3 lakh loan will be given by SBI, will have to pay only 4% interest

Credit card will be provided by the State Bank of India to the farmers i.e. cultivators. With this, farmers can use that credit card to meet their needs. With this credit card, you can not only take things related to agriculture but can also use it for personal expenses, education, medical expenses, etc.

Talking about the agricultural producer, the total amount is going to be different. The income of the farmer is going to be 5 times. Talking about the loan of farmers, then this amount will be half of the value of the land of the farmers. The maximum amount can be up to 1,000,000.

To get SBI credit card, farmer’s land, identity card and address proof are required. It is important to have these documents with you. The loan can be taken even after using the cultivable land and any property of Rs.100,000/- as a guarantee for the loan.

Know who can apply for this?

  • It is necessary for the person to be in the farmer category, that is, you should have cultivable land.
  • Farmers in the age group of 18 to 75 years are eligible to apply.
  • Animal husbandry fishermen can also take benefit from this scheme.
  • Animal husbandry fishermen also get a loan of up to Rs 200,000.

What are the benefits of SBI Credit Card?

  • By giving credit balance you can get the benefit of interest on savings rate.
  • You can get free debit card delivery from ATM.
  • You are given an interest subsidy of 2% p.a. for a loan of Rs 300,000.
  • Additional interest subsidy at the rate of 3% p.a. can be used for early payment.

How to apply online?

SBI has taken a step forward in supporting Indian farmers by approving their loan applications with low interest rates and flexible terms. Landlords and sharecroppers can also take advantage of this.

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