How to Apply for PhonePe Personal Loan Online

How to get Phonepe Instant Loan: With the help of the app which we are going to talk about in this post today, online electricity bill payment, phone recharge, train, plane, bus etc. Or you can do all the work without any hassle by giving money online to the shopkeeper.

* What is the specialty of this app?

The name of the app we are talking about is Phone Pe .

This app is very secure, with its help you can transfer money from one account to another. When you download the PhonePe Payment App on your mobile, it takes all the information from you like your phone number and your bank account details etc., after which you can easily send money. Whether it is your phone recharge, college fees, rent money, all these things for which you had to go to the bank earlier, now you can do all those things online sitting at your home.

* Can we take loan from PhonePe app?

Earlier PhonePe app was used only for money transactions, but now you can also take loan with the help of this app, so let’s know the process of taking loan-

If you do not use the PhonePe app, then first you have to go to the Play Store and type the PhonePe app, then download it. Then you have to register with your number, after that you download the Filpkart app, after that register with your mobile number, keep in mind that both your apps are registered with the same number. After that you have to go to the profile of Filpkart app, there you will see the option of Flipkart Pay Later, you have to activate that option.

After activating Flipkart Pay Letter, you will get an amount up to 1000 to 50000. After that you have to open your phone pe account, there will be an option My money, on which you have to click, after that you will have the payment method written there. In that your Flipkart pay letter will be activated automatically.

* Does PhonePe ask for any kind of document to give loan?

Yes, to take a loan from PhonePe, you must have these documents-

1. Aadhar card (registered with the number given by you)
2. PAN card
3. Your Cibil Score (700+) should be (we will write a separate post on how to find out Cibil Score)

* Do we have to pay interest on taking loan from PhonePe?

No, PhonePe will not charge you any kind of interest rate, it will give you a loan for 45 days without any interest.

* Can we use PhonePe app in our daily life?

You can meet all your needs with the loan money taken by PhonePe – like: house rent, school fees, electricity bill, shopping, loan EMI etc. But you cannot send these money to your bank account.

PhonePe Loan Customer Care Number – 080-68727374

Phone Pe Toll Free Number – 1800 102 1482

IVRS – 080-68727374 / 02268727374

When you call, first of all choose the language of your choice – 1. Hindi 2. English

Press 1 – To report a problem on PhonePe Register No.

  • Press 1 – If you have already reported your problem and want to check the status of your complaint.
  • Press 2 – For Cash Bank Offer.
  • Press 3 – For refund related issues.
  • Press 4 – For any query regarding Mutual Funds
  • Press 5 – If you are facing problem while using Phone app or Wallet
  • Press 6 – For any other problem
  • Press * – to repeat the menu

Press 2 – For any other PhonePe account.

  • Please enter 10 digit mobile number and follow further steps.

You can also get information by emailing on:-

  • (customer support)
  • (Business Inquiry)

In today’s post, we have told you all these things about how to take a loan from the PhonePe app, if you are using this app for the first time, then you can also take help from someone, so that you can understand easily. Go.

With this, let us tell you that if you are not able to get the loan and you do not see your documents that you have entered, then you do not have to worry, because your loan will take some time to process, you just have to wait a little. Will have to do

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