KreditBee Instant Personal Loan: Interest Rates, Eligibility, Apply

KreditBee Personal Loan Details

Rate of interest 0% – 29.95% p.a.
Loan amount Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,00,000
Tenure 62 days to 15 months
Loan processing fee 0% – 6% of the sanctioned loan amount
Time The entire process from registration to disbursement takes a maximum of 15 minutes.
Purpose Medical emergencies, household chores, education, travel, paying off existing loans and insurance, and other financial emergencies.

KreditBee App

With KreditBee app we can get instant personal loan. To help salaried individuals meet their immediate financial needs, the KreditBee app offers loans up to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh as per their salary.

The entire process from registration to disbursement is online and does not take more than 15 minutes. These personal loans can be availed online through the KreditBee website and mobile app (which can be downloaded from Google Play Store on Android mobiles).

KreditBee acts as a technical intermediary that facilitates personal loans from regulated lenders to individuals with minimal documentation and instant disbursement of funds on approval.

KreditBee Loan App currently offers Flexi Personal Loan, Personal Loan for Salaried and Online Purchase Loan or E-Voucher Loan.

How much is the KreditBee Personal Loan interest? (How much is the KreditBee Personal Loan interest?)

The interest rate depends on the amount of loan you are taking.

  • Interest rate for personal loan: 18% to 29.95% p.a.
  • Rates for Personal Loan for Salaried: 15% to 29.95% p.a.
  • Rate for online purchase loan: 0% to 24% p.a.

Features and Benefits of KreditBee Personal Loan

Flexible Loan Amount : You can deposit a minimum of Rs. loan can be obtained. 1,000 to a maximum of Rs.2 lakh can be availed to meet your immediate financial needs.

Low Interest Rate: KreditBee personal loan interest rates are most competitive and start from 0% for e-voucher loan, 15% for personal loan for salaried and 18% for flexi personal loan.

Minimum Processing Fee: The processing fee for these loans starts from 0% and can go up to 6% of the loan amount.

Flexible Tenure: You can repay your KreditBee loan with flexible repayment tenure of between 62 days and 15 months.

No prepayment or foreclosure charges: You can make the payment before the stipulated repayment period and close the loan faster without any additional charges.

User Friendly Application : KreditBee app download can be done from Google PlayStore on android mobiles. The registration process is also simple. You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account and only need to confirm the personal details provided.

Minimum Processing Time: Flexi Personal Loan can be disbursed to your bank account within 15 minutes, provided all the documents and details submitted are accurate and in order. For personal loan for salaried, disbursement may take 3 working days.

Complete the online process: Whether applying for a loan or making a repayment, the process is completely online. You can access your account anytime and from anywhere.

Loans for First Time Applicants: Even for individuals who do not have any previous loan or other loan facilities, it is possible to avail CreditB online loan. By making regular payments of these loans, you can build a strong credit score and profile.

Types of CreditB Loans

Following are the different types of KreditBee Instant Loans:

Flexi Personal Loan

Purpose: Flexi personal loans are small sized loans, ideal for small expenses or unforeseen emergencies. You can also use them in case of cash crunch at the end of the month. One can use this KreditBee instant loan to pay utility bills, insurance premiums or to make last minute gifts for one’s birthday.

  • Loan Amount : Rs.1,000 to Rs.10,000
  • Tenure: 2 months (62 days) to 6 months
  • Interest Rate : 18% – 29.95% p.a.
  • Processing Fee: Rs 85 to Rs 1,250

personal loan for salaried

  • Purpose: This KreditBee personal loan is offered to help salaried individuals to meet short-term expenses like wedding, travel, car or bike loan EMIs, credit card EMIs, home loan EMIs and personal emergencies.
  • Loan Amount : Rs.10,000 – Rs.2 Lakh
  • Tenure: 3 months – 15 months
  • Interest Rate : 15% – 29.95% p.a.
  • Processing Fee : Rs.500 to 6% of the loan amount

Online Purchase Loan / E-Voucher Loan / E-Commerce Shopping Loan

  • Purpose: This KreditBee online loan helps you convert your online shopping (for fashion, mobile, electronics, travel, ticket booking and furniture) on Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMyTrip and Nykaa into easy EMIs.
  • Loan Amount : Rs.1,000 to Rs.10,000
  • Interest Rate : 0% – 24% p.a.
  • Processing Fee : Rs.Nil to 5% of the loan amount

Eligibility Criteria for Credit B Personal Loan

For KreditBee to be eligible for a personal loan, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your age should not be more than 21 years and not more than 45 years.
  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • You must be salaried or have any other monthly source of income.
  • You must have an Aadhaar linked mobile number to receive OTP from UIDAI for e-signing the loan agreement.
  • You must have the necessary KYC and address proof documents.
  • You must have a PAN card for identity proof.
  • You must have a Facebook or Google account to view KreditBee app details and sign up.
  • If there is a job then you should be associated with the company for at least 3 months.
  • You should have a minimum monthly salary of Rs.10,000 for Flexi Personal Loan and Rs.15,000 for Personal Loan for Salaried.
  • You must have a savings bank account.

Documents Required for KreditBee Loan

Below are the documents required to apply for KreditBee Personal Loan:

  • PAN card is required to check your credit score and other financial parameters. Address Proof: Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card / Passport / Driving License, any one of these is required.
  • Salary scale
  • Proof of employment
  • Salary Account Bank Details
  • Salary slip
  • You will need to provide some details, such as your personal details, reference contact details, employment details.

How to Apply KreditBee Personal Loan

To apply for a KreditBee personal loan, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click here to install KreditBee Mobile App from Play Store .
  • Register yourself with your Facebook or Google Profile.
  • Fill in basic details about yourself to check your eligibility to avail a personal loan through the KreditBee app.
  • You will be shown a ‘Qualification Successful’ page and an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number (this process may take up to 24 hours). You will receive a call from KreditBee within 1 working day of application. After your eligibility is confirmed,
  • You will need to upload your KYC documents and fill in some more details.
  • After uploading the KYC documents and providing other additional information, your profile will be verified based on the quality and authenticity of the uploaded documents.
  • Upon complete verification, you can apply for a loan on KreditBee and sign the loan agreement.
  • After signing the loan agreement, the amount will be disbursed within 15 minutes to the bank account provided by you.
  • You can make KreditBee online payments for the amount borrowed from the next month.
  • Alternatively, you can also apply through KreditBee’s website by following a similar procedure.

KreditBee customer care

You can contact KreditBee customer care through the following options:

  • KreditBee Personal Loan Customer Care Number: 080-44292200 (Anytime between 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday, except public holidays).
  • E-mail:

The Grievance Redressal Officer will endeavor to resolve your grievance within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

KreditBee Personal Loan FAQs

Who can get a KreditBee loan?

Any Indian individual who is above 21 years of age and is salaried or has any other monthly income source can apply for a personal loan through the KreditBee platform.

What are the interest charges charged by KreditBee?

The interest rates vary from 18 to 29.95% for Flexi Personal Loan, 15 to 29.95% for Personal Loan for Salaried and 0 to 24% for E-Voucher Loan.

Can I get two or more loans at once in KreditBee?

No, you can get only one loan at a time through KreditBee App.

How can I check my credit limit amount?

You can check your credit limit amount or maximum disbursement amount from the KreditBee app.

Can I get a loan above Rs 1 lakh?

Yes, depending on your past repayment behavior and the documents you have provided, you can get a loan of more than Rs 1 lakh.

What will be the repayment date of my loan?

You can check the repayment date of your loan by logging into the KreditBee app. The repayment period can vary between 2 months (minimum 62 days) to 15 months from the date of disbursement.

Are there options to prepay on the loan?

Yes, you can prepay your KreditBee Personal Loan without any additional charges. All you have to do is send an email to to get the details of prepayment or foreclosure on the loan.

What are the payment options available?

Customers will have to make all EMI payments for the loan through the KreditBee application. This can be done using credit cards, debit cards, UPI, mobile wallets, net banking and other online services. You can make CreditBy online payment by selecting the option to auto-debit from your account for repayment on the dedicated due date.

Is it mandatory to have Aadhar linked mobile number?

To avail your personal loan, you need to provide an e-signature. For this, priority is given to the number linked to Aadhaar. In case you do not have a mobile with Aadhaar linked, you can also register using the OTP sent to the registered number.

Can I provide a joint account to transfer the loan amount?

Yes, a joint account can be provided by the user. It is mandatory for the applicant to be one of the account holders.

Question: What documents do I need to submit for KreditBee personal loan?

Answer: Every user applying for KreditBee online loan needs to submit the following documents:

  • PAN: To check your credit score and other financial parameters.
  • Address and Identity Proof: A copy of Aadhar/Passport/Voter ID (Any one).

Q: The application does not list my profession. Can I still get the loan?

Answer: Yes, you can get the loan even if your current profession is not mentioned in the application. Send an email to regarding your employment details.

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